Monday, March 25, 2019

Economic Census – Manufacturing

GENERAL This report, from the 1997 Economic Census – Manufacturing, is one of a series of 480 industry reports and 51 geographic area reports, each of which provides statistics for individual industries or states, respectively. Seven of the industry reports are for industries no longer in the manufacturing sector but are included with manufacturing for the 1997 census year. Also included for this sector are General, Product, and Materials Consumed Summary reports, a special report on Concentration Ratios in Manufacturing, and data files on Location of Manufacturing Plants. Each industry report presents data for a six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industry.A description of the particular NAICS industry may be found in Appendix B. These reports include such statistics as number of establishments, employment, payroll, value added by manufacture, cost of materials consumed, value of shipments, capital expenditures, etc. Explanations of these and other terms may be found in Appendix A. The industry reports also include data for states with 100 employees or more in the industry.

The General Summary report contains industry and geographic area statistics summarized in one report. It includes higher levels of aggregation than the industry and state reports, as well as revisions to the data made after the release of the industry and state reports.The Products and Materials Consumed reports summarize the products and materials data published in the industry reports. The Product Summary report also includes data from the Current Industrial Reports (CIR) and a special table with data for products that are primary to more than one industry, which are not in the industry reports. The Concentration Ratios report publishes data on the percentage of value of shipments accounted for by the 4-,8-, 20-, and 50-largest companies for each manufacturing industry. Also shown in this report are Hirschmann-Herfindahl Indexes for each industry. The Location of Manufacturing data files contain statistics on the number of establishments for the three- and six-digit NAICS industry by state, county, place, and ZIP Code by employment-size of the establishment.